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Our Institution is known as Region Officers' Club Khagrachari in short ROCK. This is a Military affiliated organization. Our members get special attention to plan their holidays in khagrachari and beyond to Sajek. Membership is very precious and we welcome you to be our valued club member. Valued members enjoy special facilities all through in khagrachari and Sajek. For membership query please contact with the address given below:

  • Phone:

    a. Club President: 01852672188
    b. Club Secretary: 01769302338
    c. Booking website: www.rock-sajek.com
    c. Facebook Page: ROCK-Sajek
    d. Booking Contact: 01783969200,
    e. Front Desk - Giri Thebar: 01859025694
    e. Front Desk - Runmoy: 01865688774
    e. Front Desk - Sajek Resort: 01847070395
  • Adress:

    Region Officers' Club Khagrachari (ROCK)
    C/O: Head Quarters Khagrachari Region
    Khagrachari Cantonment,

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Our mail Address is info@rock-sajek.com. You can also follow us on Facebook at ID: ROCK-Sajek.

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