• Restaurant

    Both Khagrachari and Sajek are ready to fulfill your restaurant needs. Each Resort has its own Restaurant within the complex. Your breakfast is complementary and you can order for other meals. We suggest you to order in advance for your convenience. For Details Click Here

  • Recreation

    The Panaromic views of Khagrachari is itself a recreation to refresh yourself. Besides there are numerous facilities are available to make your day filled with pleasure.
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  • Transportation

    It is recommended to travel by own means. However ROCK can coordinate for your transportation need Khagrachari and beyond.
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  • Accommodation

    ROCK presents three separate mind blowing Resort facilities both at Khagrachari and Sajek. These are mind blowing and definitely upto your expectation .
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About Khagrachari

Khagrachari is a strikingly lovely fraction of the Chittagong hill tracts of Bangladesh. It is a sample of ever-green woody heavens with natural waterfalls, dancing white-grey cloud and of course myriads of colorful singing birds and exotic animals. The picturesque landscape is adorned with starling hills, steep cliffs wedged between cloud and sky, rivers and lakes filled with legends mysterious caves, green-gold woods lining the tribal villages. Some of the many marvelous eye-candies of Khagrachari are the following:

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Bangladesh is a multicultural country with diversity. Tribal peoples have been living for centuries with their distinct tradition. Tribal peoples, the hills and forest dwellers, have enriched the country with their language, history, tradition, knowledge and culture.

Resort Rooms - Sajek Resort

Free rooms: 4 / 4

Resort Rooms - Giri Thebar

Free rooms: 12 / 12

Resort Rooms - Runmoy

Free rooms: 5 / 5