Souvenirs from Proyash, Sena Sombhar and Region Club are available at the lobby. You can buy them for yourself or for your dear ones. Three types of souvenirs corners are highlighted below:
Proyash Souvenirs Corner: Proyash is a special school for the Autistic Children at Chittagong Cantonment. The Products are produced by the students of the school. If you purchase their produc, entire profit will be provided to them which will be used for well being.

Sena Sombhar Souvenir Corner: Sena Sombhar sells different items produced by the families of the military society. If you buy their products they will be encouraged and it will contribute for the well being of the troops.

Region Officers' Club Souvenir Corner: Region officers club sells different items to remind your visit to Sajek. It will also definitely make your near and dear ones happy once you carry some memento from such place. You can find polo shirts, T shirts, key rings, mugs, caps, post cards etc at the lobby at a reasonable price.