Who We Are?

Our Institution is known as Region Officers' Club Khagrachari in short ROCK. This is a Military affiliated organization. Our members get special attention and distinctive discount in room rents to plan their holidays in khagrachari and Sajek. Membership is very precious and we welcome you to be our valued club member. Valued members enjoy special facilities all through in khagrachari and Sajek. For membership query please contact with the address given below and for detail policies and registration form choose Club Membership from Home dropdown Menu:

Region Officers' Club Khagrachari (ROCK)
C/O: Head Quarters Khagrachari Region
Khagrachari Cantonment,

Contact Details

Club Secretary: 01769302340
Club President: 01852672188

  • Accommodation in Khagrachari:

    We offer you to stay at “Giri Thebar Resort”, a fantastic resort in the eco friendly area beside the lake in the hills which is an attractive two storied building with twelve AC rooms and suits. The rooms are nicely decorated/furnished where twelve families can stay together and provision for parking and accommodation for drivers are available. In addition, 24 hours generator backup in case of electricity failure can be arranged.


    All are entitled to get all the facilities but of course the club members will get special facilities. You may also become club member provided you desire for it.

    Booking System:

    Rooms at Khagrachari and Sajek can be booked over telephone/cell phone or via online. For booking, contact details:
    a. Booking Website: www.rock-sajek.com
    b. Cell Phone: 01783969200, 01865347688
    Our mail Address is info@rock-sajek.com. You can also follow us at https://www.facebook.com/Rock-Sajek.

    Payment System:

    During booking you have to pay 100% tariff in advance.Payment should be done within 24 hours of reservation after accepting the request.
    Cancellation policy:
    a. Free of cost till 15 days before the desired check in date.
    b. 20% will be deducted till 07 days before the desired check in date.
    c. 50% will be deducted till 48 hours before the desired check in date.
    d. No refund will be made if the cancellation is not done before 48 hours of desired check in date.

    If we need to cancel your reservation for any unavoidable circumstances, 100% refund will be done with notification.ROCK reserves the rights to cancel your booking with notification any time. For payment you can use our Trust Bank, Dutch Bangla Bank or Bkash account. But we prefer you to use Trust Bank and bkash. Our account details are:

    Giri Thebar Resort

    o Bkash Agent No:01866-384494
    o Trust Bank Account No: 0063-0210001269
    o Dutch Bangla Bank Account No:1331100019290

    Runmoy Resort

    o Bkash Agent No:01862011852
    o Trust Bank Account No: Runmoy Fund, Sajek. 0063-0210003061

    Sajek Resort

    o Trust Bank Account No: Sajek Resort, Khagrachari. 0063-0310011407

  • Refreshment in Khagrachari:

    You need not to worry about your food because we will not allow our valued guests to be hungry. Your meal can be arranged in an attractive Restaurant - "BALPIYEE" which is co-located to Giri Thebar. For the gourmet people our provision is also available in few classic food court like "Khagrachari Cantonment Officers' Mess", "Giri Pijor" and "Sranti Restaurant"

    What you can feel and enjoy in Sajek?

    Bangladesh is a multicultural country with diversity. Tribal peoples have been living for centuries with their distinct tradition. Tribal peoples, the hills and forest dwellers, have enriched the country with their language, history, tradition, knowledge and culture.

    At Sajek you will find the mixture of all those. You can also see the Beautiful cultural show, handicrafts, livelihood of Lusai and Tripura of Sajek. You can also avail the facilities of Hiking, Kiting, Cycling and many others.

    Fooding in Sajek?

    In Sajek you can also enjoy your food under our arrangement both in Runmoy and Sajek Hill Resort.

    What you should avoid?

    We respectfully values the ethical, social and religious values of Bangladesh. So please avoid things which may embarrass you. If you love the nature, if you love to be close with it than Khagrachari- Sajek is really a paradise for you. We can say with our experience that this region creates a new era of tourism here. So what’s for a delay, lets make a change, come and feel the difference, touch the cloud and feel the nature with us.

  • What you can see in Sajek?

    After crossing high hills, steep mountains, blue water, winding path over rugged country, long ranges and a moment on roller coaster, when you will reach to Sajek, you will find yourself two thousand feet above the sea level. What will also feel you that you are at the top of the world. The small village on the mountain is full of exotic beauty and eco friendly environment. Mountains covered with lush green trees, cold atmosphere, fresh air, beautiful valleys and most importantly clouds on the roads hugging you with full of happiness and one of the different feelings that you will have, after seeing the unseen beauty of both sunrise and sunset from the same place. As Sajek is very near to the international boundary therefore you will find an attractive thing to take a view from Sajek point at night, because lighting on the mountains valleys in Mijoram looks like stars on earth and gives a panoramic view from height. There you can see one of the oldest and furthest BOP (Border Out Post) of Border Guard of Bangladesh. You can also see the wind-solar-diesel hybrid system (Windmill) which is first introduced in Bangladesh by Bangladesh Army. Bangladesh Army takes pride out of it.

  • Accommodation in Sajek

    In Sajek we have two beautiful and mind-blowing resort named “Runmoy Resort” and “Sajek Resort” Each resort can accommodate five families each. We promise to provide you the best possible facilities like the capital city in the most remote area of the country.

    How to travel up to Sajek?

    Far from the crowd, overdeveloped and noisy places, Sajek is a quiet place to relax and rejuvenate you away from the hustle & bustle of the city. Surrounded with dense Segun, bamboo and various trees, Sajek welcomes you with breathtaking views & amazing sceneries. If you want to reach to the paradise we suggest you to avail your own vehicle, specially four wheel vehicle (Jeep, Micro-Bus) as you are traveling towards hilly range. If not we can facilitate you by our transport facility (Jeep, Micro-Bus).

    On the way to Sajek:

    Sajek is located in the verdant hills of Kasalong range of mountains amidst the serene and exotic beauty of nature. Lofty mountains, dense forest, sprawling grasslands and miles and miles of hilly tracks. On the way you will cross Mayni range, River Mayni and River Kasalong where you will feel that the green and blue harmonized together. For the ups and downs of the road, sometime you will feel that

+88 01783969200

A little beyond Khagrachari more towards north east lies a small beautiful town on the hills named “SAJEK”, surrounded by green cape mountains, mysticism and celestial peace. The scenic place offers a multi-colored freedom such that anyone in any moos will come to appreciate the beauty of Sajek and Khagrachari.